Wednesday, 1 October 2014


I never knew what the point of homework was. All I knew was that I had a ton of it to complete before the day ended. In primary school, the completion of a stack of books of various subjects was welcomed by another stack the next day. The teacher in primary always said that in secondary school, which was just next door to my primary one, that secondary school teachers would not care one bit whether we finished our tasks given the previous day or not. 

Honestly, hearing that, I was happy. I saw no logic in being otherwise. I mean, who would not be happy? For me, it meant enjoying my own leisure time, and doing things at my own pace without the confinements of homework. 

Alas, that was not the case, just as many things in reality aren't as what they seem to be. Not only that, the intensity and concentration of the homework given was much greater. I frowned, beginning to have a slight distrust for primary school teachers. However, I still had to finish up the stack of maths algebra in front of me. 

During those times, I just could not comprehend why teachers gave their students so much homework when they in turn needed to mark so many books. I never understood the reasoning behind it. My young immature mind thought "You give less work, you mark less books, and everyone's happy".
To say teachers have the best interest in their students might be an overstatement, and might not apply to the majority, as I have seen teachers who come in the class, give some random task which I had no idea what it's point was other than as another meaningless alternative to pass the time. However, growing older and just a tad bit wiser, I began to realize something. 

As I sit down, in this present moment, and stare at my laptop screen at the assignment due tomorrow morning, I begin thinking of stuff which I really should not waste my time with. "Why am I doing this assignment. What purpose does it serve?"

I answered my own question. To me, I guess homework was another one of those platforms in which something inherent can be unlocked, can be developed. I then began using it for self-improvement. I changed my mindset. I used it as a tool to aid my learning. I began focusing on understanding, rather than the completion of it. And that was it. 

After all, doing homework just solely for the sake of doing it, is meaningless. 

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