Wednesday, 1 October 2014


"Boredom is the platform for creativity."

I managed to somehow display this at a young age. Having nothing better to do than to fill my time with Roald Dahl or Enid Blyton's amusing stories, I was seriously bored. That was all a did. A typical bookworm, having the love for books. I poured through a myriad of words on each page, fascinated with how the story was told, how it developed. I imagined the scene in my head, a scene as vivid as I could, of green grass, of forests, of magical creatures and the like.

But that, is another story. 

It was actually boredom that drove me to do something never done before in my entire life. I had not even a slight interest in doing anything else other than reading. Then, one day, it all changed. 

You see, my sister wanted to learn the piano. She pestered mother and father constantly for a year. Finally, after coaxing her into agreeing to play in church, they managed to find a piano teacher for her. Not those kind of typical exam oriented teachers, but one who understood the meaning of enjoying music. 

And so, the weeks went by, where I usually sat in the comfy sofa in the living room, occasionally glancing up to my sister's playing. "Ah, that all familiar Disney song..." I mused, as her teacher played the accompaniment to the singable right hand melodic line played by my sister. 

Days continued going by just like that, until suddenly that day came. 

I was utterly bored. I felt kind of restless. Something was stirring inside of me. Sitting in the usual sofa in the living room, I heard a voice calling out to me. Those black and white keys which produced sounds. I approached it. Reaching out my hand, my fingers settled on those keys, and I pressed a white key down. A sound arose from the piano. That was it. The spark was set, soon to become a flame. 

Since that day, my parents have have been sending me for piano lessons. In the end, my sister gave up playing piano, a flame died down, after completing her PMR, and turned to art instead. 

As for me, playing piano is seriously one of the best things in the world. 

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