Monday, 8 December 2014

Amidst the Noisy Crowd

Amidst the noisy crowd,
The lively chatter; the unrestrained laughter,
Stood there a young man,
Silent; reflective,
Deep in the labyrinth of his thoughts.

In the centre of the din,
The hustle and bustle; the uncontrolled atmosphere,
Stood there a young man,
Waiting; pondering,
Slowly time ticks by.

Surrounded by non-living sounds,
The impatient honks; the loud clangs of metal and steel,
Stood there a young man,
Wondering; contemplating,
The lateness in arrival.

At the middle of a chaotic town square,
The rushing by; the quickened pace of people about their own busyness,
Stood there a young man,
Looking; gazing,
Towards him a figure running from afar off.

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